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10 Reasons to Purchase a New Build Property if you Can Afford it

When thinking about the ownership of our dreams in the Mediterranean, one of the most common decisions is whether to choose a new or resale property. In this article we write 10 Advantages about new development homes.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing a property we are interested in buying. Facing topics from economic to distribution through the geographical location and a lot more. A brand new home is the ideal scenario, but we know it is not always possible.

In Tabaira Real Estate we give you 10 reasons why it is worth buying a new build property if you can afford it.

1. Distribution that fits our needs.

It is difficult, if not impossible, that the distribution of a house that has not been built based on our preferences suits us perfectly. Only if we have the opportunity to model the distribution we can achieve it. Promotions plan is something that sometimes can be done, so customizing the space is almost a perfect option.

2. High Quality Finishes.

Other elections are not usually the same as those which we have done. Each person is different and the kitchen you want does not have to look like one somebody else once imagined. The same applies to the flooring, color of walls, doors, etc. Often the cost of buying a home increses because we want to remodel it to leave to our liking.

3. New promotions are warranted.

When we opted for a newly constructed home we have a guarantee not only from the promoter, but also from the material manufacturers themselves. Deck, siding, flooring, windows, etc. Everything has a grace period in the case of second-hand housing, only achieved undertaking a general renovation.

4. Energy savings.

Technologies, materials and insulation systems are developing fast. Each year these are investigated and newer systems come into place changing the concept we had. What ten years ago it was the mainstay technology now is considered obsolete. The newer, therefore more efficient means more energy saving.

5. Lower maintenance costs.

The comfort of a home depends not only on its warmth and comforts, also comes in the level of intervention that must be routinely performed on it. It is increasingly common to opt for options that do not require any maintenance or, at least, minimal maintenance. In that sense progress is also increasing noticeable towards more long-lived materials that do not require any intervention, so the newer your home is, the less maintenance it'll need.

6. Increased comfort and air quality.

In addition to the isolation and purely energy efficiency, an aspect which greatly improves each year is in the air filtration systems. A technological breakthrough that goes hand in hand with efficiency and makes a home more comfortable and clean passively.

7. The most modern technology and architecture.

Change finishes and insulation in old housing construction may be feasible and not overly shoot the purchase price thereof. Now, get double heights, changing doors and closets and look for large spaces that are today protagonists of any house itself that can make an investment that reaches double the purchase price of the home.

8. New developments are located on more modern neighborhoods.

When buying an older home is common to find a few little outdated facilities and services accessible to residents, from shops to schools. Instead, when a new housing facility is constructed can and should be last generation. As well as the location of the land where it will build in many cases will have the updated services. This is influenced innovation has also been given in studies of livability of urban areas, increasingly influence new town planning thanks to the rethinking that has had to make in recent years.

9. More security.

The truth is that the building materials are becoming healthier and more respectful of human beings and the environment. In fact increasingly those called ecological commitment that both in its manufacturing process and in daily use, do not harm the planet.Also in the other sense of security is impressive progress has been achieved in home automation systems and alarms reinforcement and protection in housing in recent years. Considering also that its implementation from scratch has seen its influence in the reduced budget. Especially against the option of having to 'secure' a house already built.

10. Living in a brand new house is priceless.

To move into a second-hand housing is hard to live on what others conceived as the home of your dreams. In our dream house, on the contrary, everything has been done as we dreamed, as we had anticipated. And that feeling of being the first to step on a house, the first to make a house a home, is unmatched.

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