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Sell a House in Moraira

Properties for sale in Costa Blanca & Villas in Moraira

Discover best properties, houses, villas and apartments in Moraira, Benitachell and other areas of Costa Blanca.

Sell a House in Moraira

When it comes to selling a house in Moraira, several factors come into play that without a professional real estate agent we would be unable to handle: the price of the house, negotiation skills, advertising, legal documentation, call management, the visits ... The best thing you can do to free yourself from all this stress and not worry about possible legal problems is to contact ONE real estate or, rather: the right real estate.

If you want to be right with the choice of real estate it is important that you do a little research and learn about aspects such as commissions and fees, the services it offers, the history or the opinions of former clients. In Moraira, if there is a real estate agency known for its low commissions and optimal management and efficiency selling, it is TABAIRA REAL ESTATE, real estate agents specialized in the sale of properties on the Costa Blanca (Alicante), especially in Moraira, a place that we know perfectly. : its customs, traditions, history, climate, activities, leisure, gastronomy, beaches, coves and all its hiding places. Moraira is our home.

The Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle attracts a large number of families and pensioners wanting to enjoy a season of disconnection. We are sure that your home (apartment, villa, bungalow, penthouse, townhouse ...) could fit in with the plans of many of the clients that are in our database and that, currently, they are tirelessly looking for a beautiful property on the Costa Blanca of the characteristics of yours. We are a bridge between buyer and seller.

Marketing techniques to sell a house in Moraira fast: discover them with TABAIRA REAL ESTATE

We know how to reach your ideal buyers. At TABAIRA REAL ESTATE we use the marketing techniques that work best to sell a house in Moraira, a coastal area with great potential and which is attracting more and more tourists and foreign residents.

We combine the most advanced techniques of the moment with traditional techniques to reach the most qualified buyers , that is: those who are really interested in buying a home with the same characteristics. Only in this way, we will get those who contact you to do so because they are really interested and not to waste your time.

Exhibition on the Internet ...

  • Popular real estate portals , both in the Spanish and foreign markets
  • Social networks
  • Google advertising
  • Newsletter / Online newsletter to which a database of clients interested in acquiring a home on the Costa Blanca is registered
  • Promotion on our real estate website in 7 languages , which receives visits every month from thousands of buyers from central and northern Europe
  • "Featured" section to offer greater visibility of your home on the web
  • Blog post talking about the property
  • Promotional exhibition in a large network of collaborating agencies in the area

Exposure locally ...

  • Magazine publication
  • Brochures, flyers ...
  • Office exhibitor , located in a busy street in Moraira, just 2 minutes walk from the seaport
  • Street advertising

However, we can study other marketing techniques that we consider appropriate and that really work . Implementing a good sales strategy is essential to sell fast . We focus a greater effort on online exposure, since it is the channel most visited by buyers. Nowadays, property searches start on Google, portals and specialized pages in the real estate sector. It is there where your house will take on greater prominence.

TABAIRA REAL ESTATE real estate agents get a reduced commission for selling a house in Moraira: True or False?

TRUE. By selling a house in Moraira with an exclusive contract from TABAIRA REAL ESTATE, you will get the best return. We have reduced commissions, the most competitive in the Costa Blanca Spain area and which will be of special interest to you if your goal is to save and sell at the best price .

We are aware that you deserve the greatest reward for your home , where you have spent the happiest summers, where you have seen your family grow and where you have built a beautiful community of friends and neighbors. Sometimes life circumstances push us to make difficult decisions such as selling your summer house or perhaps it is the beginning of a new and exciting stage: selling to buy a property that better suits your living conditions. Perhaps a house with an extra room and beautiful views of the sea to telecommute on the North Costa Blanca, or you may need a smaller house to share with your partner and where your children, grandchildren and friends can visit you from time to time.

From the same reliable and honest source, you can sell your property, save and buy another home where you can change of scene and complete your life . You can achieve all this with the help of the TABAIRA REAL ESTATE team.

Put yourself in the hands of our real estate agency to sell a house in Moraira at the best price and through a simple process

Are you worried about the fees that real estate agencies may charge you when selling a house in Moraira? At TABAIRA REAL ESTATE you no longer have to. Through exclusive contracts , we offer you low commissions . If you are interested in benefiting from this economic advantage, you just have to contact us.

It is as simple as filling in the form that appears on our website about " SELLING A PROPERTY IN SPAIN " providing us with the main data of the property and your contact information to be able to communicate with you more fluently.

Fill in the form here:

We also provide you with our email address and telephone numbers in case it would be more convenient for you to contact us through these channels:

If you prefer to have a first contact in person, talk with our staff and see the work we do, we will be happy to receive you at our office in Moraira . It will be very easy for you to find us since we are located in a very central area, a few meters from the port of Moraira . We are specifically in Calle Iglesia, 4 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante) Spain

Sell a house in Moraira

You don't know how to sell a house in Moraira and you need help to carry out the sale activity? At Tabaira Real Estate we are an expert real estate agency in marketing homes in Costa Blanca Spain , where we can advise you comprehensively on the most decisive issues in your personal adventure.

Moraira is a population center belonging to the town of Teulada, whose international fame has increased considerably as a result of the benefits offered by the area and the exotic beach and nature environment in its vicinity.

For this reason, properties in Moraira are very attractive to the foreign public , who are looking for a second residence on the Costa Blanca Alicante and, precisely, they love this population center, as well as its Blue Flag beaches, its coves of fine sand and sea bream and the beach bars of Spanish gastronomy on the coast.

Do you want to sell a house in Moraira? Contact real estate agents from Tabaira Real Estate and enjoy outstanding services

Selling a house in Moraira is very tedious if you do it on your own, since the management of legal documents and the time you will dedicate to it will mean a significant workload that you can easily relegate to us.

Do you want to know what exclusive services we can offer you at Tabaira Real Estate?

  • We help you with the purchase and sale of real estate with comprehensive assistance at all times.
  • Free service for mortgage management , where you can acquire a mortgage loan in Spain and we will solve all your doubts.
  • We can open a bank account for you in Spain so that you do not have to do it alone.
  • Financial advice on legal taxes and other important issues.
  • Comprehensive management of specific projects to make your future project that you have in mind a reality.

Without a doubt, you should trust our multilingual real estate agents to show you the complete list of available services and the most favorable advantages when selling your property.

Take the opportunity to sell a house in Moraira at the highest price!

Take the opportunity to sell a house in Moraira to the foreign public with the help and management that we carry out in the most prestigious real estate agency in Moraira, Tabaira Real Estate. It will be with us where you feel integrated in a welcoming, safe and close environment where we will be with you until the end.

And it is that, we are capable of managing everything related to the sale of a property in Moraira in the simplest and most agile way possible, because with more than 17 years specializing in the real estate sector in the area, we are prepared to sell your house in record time and at the highest possible price.

Whether you have apartments , chalets , town houses or bungalows , we are experts in selling any type of property successfully!

  • Our telephone number in Spain for any call: +34 965 744 179
  • Skype to make calls or video calls at no cost: tabairarealestate1
  • Send us a private email to the email:
  • Visit our physical offices at the address: Calle Iglesia, 4 – 03724 Moraira (Alicante) Spain

Sell a house in Moraira

How to sell a house in Moraira quickly? The first thing is to have a specialized agency in this area of the North Costa Blanca, qualified and with a large network of international professionals such as TABAIRA. In this way, you will not have to worry about: promoting it on the Internet, negotiating the price, taking photos on your own or learning about sales and marketing. We take care of applying all the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to sell your house. Before the photo shoot of your current home, we recommend that you prepare it with the following tips to multiply the attention and interest of potential clients:

  • Raise blinds and curtains to bring in natural light
  • Tidy and organized kitchen without many objects in sight
  • Neat and tidy garden
  • Clean all rooms of the house and place clean bedding

If your house has any damage such as dampness or worn paint, we recommend that you solve these aspects, since the first impression is very important and newly painted houses increase the possibilities of purchase exponentially.

Selling a house in Moraira is easier than you think with our international agency TABAIRA

We tell you the reasons why selling a house in Moraira is very simple for all our real estate agents:

  • Multilingual: we speak several languages, which allows us to cover clients of any European nationality
  • Marketing campaign: high online exposure with a large database
  • Wide network of collaborators
  • Quality photos and attractive descriptions of your property
  • Promotion in 7 different languages on our professional website
  • Web traffic: we have more than 60 thousand monthly visits
  • Online advertising: Google and Social Networks
  • In addition, if you decide to put your current home exclusively in our hands, you will get multiple benefits and exclusive extras:
  • Photographs from the sky with drones
  • Agents dedicated exclusively to the personalized promotion of your home
  • Property featured on our website
  • Frequent exposure in the newsletter
  • Physical advertising: real estate magazine and office window
  • Obtaining the EPC certificate
  • Advice and management of bureaucratic legal procedures

We are the most outstanding agency to sell a house in Moraira

Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of selling a house in Moraira has allowed us to achieve an excellent position in the Spanish real estate market. In addition, teamwork combined with passion in everything we do has allowed us to obtain a great reputation among our clients and the residents of Moraira. Moraira has become one of the coastal towns with the highest international demand to buy a home in Spain. Therefore, it will not be difficult to sell your current home by applying the marketing and communication strategies that we have described above.

Start by filling out the sales form that appears on the web or send us an email to . We can also communicate via Skype: tabairarealestate1 or through our offices in a busy commercial area of Moraira: calle Iglesia, 4 - 03724 Moraira - Alicante (Spain). For calls: (+34) 96 574 41 79.

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